Faith Formation

The Parish of Christ the King is honored to welcome you to Children’s Faith Formation! Our Catechists have been trained according to the norms of the Diocese of Charlotte. They are exceptionally dedicated in teaching the Catholic faith to our children, and to be kind and friendly to your children. Though we are small in number, you will find that we are a family of learning and growing together. It is the Church’s task to assist you, the parents, in your role as chief educators of your children in the Faith. We will do everything we can in class to start them on the right path to being good faithful Catholics, and we will count on you to support us and give your children the proper example at home. After all, it is your example they will remember the most! If you have any suggestions for this Faith Formation Program, or if your children need special help, or if you like to volunteer, kindly let us know: Working together will ensure that your children have the best possible start in life! Church Office Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9.00am to 2:00pm Church Contact Telephone Number: (336) 883-0244 Church Contact Email: Faith Formation Hours: Sundays 10:45am -11:50am (August – May) [See calendar for more details.] Director: Ms. Pat Sanchez


There will be faith formation. Children and their parents must attend weekly Sunday Mass and students must check in with the faith formation teacher after each mass for mass attendance. Your child may not receive their sacraments if their are not counted at each weekly mass for this faith formation year.

Upcoming Events

April 28, 2018— Frist Communion Class Retreat and Reconcilation
May 6, 2018– Frist Communion in all masses
May 12, 2018– Confirmation Retreat
July 11, 2018– Confirmation by our Bishop Peter Jugis 

Novena Schedule

Friday, November 11: Holy Eucharistic Adoration starts with Mass at 7:00am and ends by 6:45pm with Benediction

Saturday, November 12: Mass at 5:00pm Sunday,
November 13:Mass at 9:30am, Mass at 11:30am— Bilingual, After Mass—Holy Eucharistic Procession Principal celebrant is Fr. Alvaro
Monday, November 14: Mass in Spanish at 7:00pm
Tuesday, November 15: Mass is at 7:00pm
Wednesday November 16: Mass at 7:00pm
Thursday, November 17: Mass at 7:00pm
Friday, November 18: Healing Mass at 7:00pm – Bilingual By Fr. Richard Sanchez Saturday, November 19: Mass at 5:00pm Sunday, November 20: Feast Mass at 9:30am Sunday, November 20: Feast Mass at 11:30am Confirmation conferred by Bishop Peter Jugis — Fellowship with Multicultural Menu —





1. Attend Sunday Mass and actively participate in Mass responses with your child.
2. Celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (“go to Confession”); take the whole family.
3. Make it a family priority for your son/daughter to attend faith formation classes.
4. Help your child experience and observe the work of parish lay ministers and community volunteers.
5. Involve your child/family in some form of shared parish/community service.
6. Celebrate holy days, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries of sacraments, etc. in your home with
special decorations, family traditions, and rituals that express your Christian beliefs.
7. Read/tell Bible stories and listen to your child share these stories in his/her own words. Make sure your
child has a Catholic Bible of his/her own.
8. Provide a rosary to your child. If the rosary is not blessed, let your child be present if possible when a
priest or deacon blesses the rosary. Pray at least one decade of the Rosary with your child each week.
(Pray the Rosary on a different day of the week each week so your child will begin to associate the
mysteries of the Rosary with their proper day: Joyful Mysteries—Monday and Saturday, Sorrowful
Mysteries—Tuesday and Friday, Luminous Mysteries—Thursday, and Glorious Mysteries—Sunday and
9. Create special prayer times.
10. Bless your child—saying a short prayer while tracing the Sign of the Cross on his/her head.
11. Discuss the content of each religion class and your child’s understanding of it. Make it a family learning
experience. Provide feedback to the catechist.
12. Participate as a family in parish activities when offered. (See the church bulletin activities)


Our Teachers

1. Pre- Kindergarten / Kindergarten (Age 4/5) – Yari Palacios

2. First Communion Year 1 (Minimum Age – Six)Ana Moncion & Yesenia Diaz

3. First Communion Year 2 (Minimum Age – Seven)Sheila Atkins & Miriam Marroquin

4. 3rd – 6th Grade (up to age 12) – Gerardo Tapia

5. Confirmation Year 1 (must be 12) – Mr. Paul

6. Confirmation Year 2 – Karen Frank