A Christ-Centered & Friendly Roman Catholic Community



Welcome to Christ The King Catholic Church, located near historic downtown High Point, NC. We are a growing and active Catholic community with a long and culturally diverse history. From our humble beginnings as a mission church to serve the African-American Catholics in 1940, our parish has grown to be a vibrant witness to the Gospel of Life.


Sunday Eucharist is the heart of our parish community as it gives us life, strengthens us and calls us to holiness. We are committed to Catholic education and teaching of our faith through our Youth ministry and in our lifelong Faith Formation Program.



Message from Fr. Joe



Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ disciples were asking Jesus “to increase their faith.” Yes, we need our faith to be strengthened since we are living in a world where it is difficult to be a disciple of Christ. Unlike the first century disciples of Jesus, we do not suffer threats and persecution for our beliefs, but we do live in an increasingly secular world which pours scorn and ridicule on religion.


Our society seemingly promotes and fosters atheism. The fact is that over 90% of the media is atheistic, doing its best to advance their view. The media says that religion is in the decline in the United States. If religion were in the decline, then who is going to all these Churches, Synagogues and Mosques that surround us?  Therefore, we who are committed to the Kingdom of God need to stand up for the faith and for truth.


We pray today for the courage to guard the Truth, to guard the Faith, and to stand up for life.


May God bless us all!


Fr. Joe

Parish News






Mass time for Saturday Vigil will be changed and announced in advance depending on the daylight saving time. The first morning Mass on Sunday is at 7:00AM, not 7:30AM.


*Saturday Vigil

       -Mass at 5:00PM (in the church)


        -7:00AM: English (in the church)

        -8:00AM: Vietnamese

        -9:30AM: English (in the church)

        -12:00PM: Spanish


             DAILY MASSES


Tuesday through Friday-7:00AM




  • The church is open during the week for you to pray until evening.
  • Confession: 4:00pm – 4:45pm Saturday or by  appointment. Confessions will be heard in the church’s cry room.
  • May the Lord protect us!

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM



  1. The Knights of Columbus will meet this Wednesday, October 5 at 6:30PM in the meeting room. We encourage men in our parish to join this special organization.
  1. There will be no daily Masses this week. Fr. Joe will attend an annual retreat with all the priests serving the diocese of Charlotte.
  1. Please continue to support our parish assessment for Priests’ retirement and benefits.  Please consider helping the retired priests who had faithfully served the people of God. Thank you!
  1. We need more teachers and volunteers for Faith Formation. If you are interested in it, please contact Fr. Joe or church’s office. 
  1. Our parish campaign will not be fulfilled without your contribution. We ask you to personally visit your family members/friends and invite them to come back to the Lord. Thank you!

For all other important announcements, please see the bulletin


1505 E MLK Jr. Dr.

High Point, NC 27260